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Link Dump 6.4.12

I bought a copy of James Joyce's Ulysses over the weekend. That might have been a mistake. It's generally rated as the best novel ever written so I thought I would give it a spin. Not so fast, buddy. I was lost after the first couple paragraphs. Realizing I may have bitten off more than I could chew, I put in a call to my mom, the once and future English teacher. Her words to me were, "You should only read that book in a classroom setting."

Uh oh. There are so many allusions, double meanings, and inside jokes that make up Ulysses that there is no way that I am going to be able to get through this on my own. I think I am going to have to get rid of the copy I bought and buy an annotated version instead. I'm not too proud to say I need training wheels. I'm not giving up on Ulysses this easily.

To the links!

-Russia's 2012 World Championship ring. That's a sharp piece of hardware. [IIHF Twitter feed

-Last week I linked to a story about Anthony Bourdain starting up a new show on CNN. I was curious aobut this at the time because it sounded exactly like No Reservations. Now we know why. No Reservations is done. [New York Post]

-I liked this piece about Nicklas Lidstrom's retirement by Katie Baker. [Grantland]

-The first official set photo from Iron Man 3 [Marvel.com]

-Vince Vaughn is asking $18.4M for his Chicago penthouse. [Tribune]

-The eternal question: Why Aren't U.S. Fans Watching the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals? [Puck Daddy]

-I think Steve LePore answers the question in the previous link pretty effectively in this post from which I have extracted the relevant text below. [Puck the Media]

Whatever caused this, it isn't a referendum on where hockey is in the minds of viewers in Los Angeles and New Jersey. It's a referendum on where hockey is in the minds of its own fans once their team is knocked out. It is a problem that I'm sure drives Gary Bettman and various TV executives crazy, and it even drives me crazy to write about it. If we're all going to provide lip service to how hockey is the best sport in the world and the mainstream media should be covering it more, why aren't we tuning in to help justify said coverage?

We won't learn the answer this year, or maybe even a few years down the line, but it is the long frustrating rubix cube that Gary Bettman needs to solve.

-Happy 91st birthday to Yosh Kawano. [Wikipedia]

-Wasn't blown away by any videos today so I'm left with this (via Will Leitch's homage to Richard Dawson): The Running Man condensed into 11 wonderful minutes.

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